Alexandra Geppert-Bio-Photo

Alexandra Geppert is a believer in cocktails and dreams; passionate about learning, doing good, and having fun. Allie is a Denver native, but a true gypsy soul by nature. Working in different parts of the hospitality industry for 13 years has enabled her to live in Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam and earn a degree in media studies, business, and conflict resolution from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has helped produce and manage events for Empire Entertainment, NYC, launch cocktail lifestyle national website, The Hooch Life, and was recently published in Imbibe Magazine.

Allie works at one of Denver's favorite dive bars in the Ball Park neighborhood: the Star Bar. You can catch her bartending on many a weekend night serving up craft beer, classic cocktails, and their own brand of fun that always includes lively banter and the occasional honky-tonk band. She also manages the operations, programming, and marketing creating events like the Battle of the Nontenders series that invites non-bartenders to jump behind the stick for some training and then serve drinks while earning tips for their chosen charities.

Thanks to a business launch boot camp and loan from Rocky Mountain Micro-Finance Institute, in 2013 Allie launched her own digital marketing business, Mandala Strategies. She helps local businesses with strategies to connect with their ideal customer online. Her initial focus, not surprisingly, is food and beverage businesses.

When she is not taking care of her own clients or serving up drinks downtown, Allie is actively driving the hospitality industry forward through educational, networking, and recreational events as she serves on the board for the Colorado Bartenders' Guild. She was elected Secretary in 2011 and has just recently been elected the Guild's Creative Director. In this role, Allie continues to manage their online presence while coordinating and promoting events. She is able to involve industry professionals and enthusiasts throughout Colorado and other Guilds in the US with all sorts of charities and strategic partners.

Allie has managed to choose her own adventure by combining what she most enjoys in life: business, socializing, being creative, technology and community service. And that makes her happy.

Follow her at @alliecatress.